The Itinerary

Friedrich Christian (Sept. 5, 1722- Dec. 17, 1763) was the eldest surviving son of King August III and Queen Maria Josepha of Saxony/Poland.  Traveling incognito as Comte de Lusace, he departed Dresden on May 13, 1738 in the company of his sister, Maria Amalia, the new Queen of Naples, for a four-week journey via modern-day Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia to arrive in Naples on June 22, 1738. Following a cure on Ischia (July 12-Sept. 23, 1738) and a period of recuperation in Portici and Naples (July 23-Nov. 15, 1738), the prince sojourned for a year in Rome, residing in Palazzo Albani alle Quattro Fontane (Nov. 18, 1738-Oct. 14, 1739). After Rome, he toured Tuscany, Lombardy and the Veneto (Oct. 14-Dec. 21, 1739) before floating into Venice for six months in Ca’Foscari (Dec. 21, 1739-June 11, 1740). Prior to returning to Dresden on Sept. 7, 1740, the prince spent two months in Vienna with his grandmother, Dowager Empress Wilhelmine Amalie.

Mon., May 12, 1738 Dresden to Pillnitz
Tues., May 13 Pillnitz via Zehista to Lovosice CZ
Weds., May 14 Lovosice to Prague
Thurs., May 15 Prague
Fri., May 16 Prague to Nesbeky
Sat., May 17 Nesbeky to Tabor
Sun., May 18 Tabor via Jindrichuv Hradec to Nova Bystrice
Mon., May 19 Nova Bystrice CZ to Pulkau AUT
Tues., May 20 Pulkau to St. Pölten
Weds., May 21 St. Pölten to Turnitz
Thurs., May 22 Turnitz to Mariazell
Fri., May 23 Mariazell to Bruck
Sat., May 24 Bruck to Gratz
Sun., May 25 Gratz to Maribor SLO
Mon., May 26 Maribor to Celje
Tues., May 27 Celje to Ljubljana
Weds., May 28 Ljubljana to Vipava
Thurs., May 29 Vipava to Palmanova IT
Fri., May 30 Palmanova
Sat., May 31 Palmanova via Codroipo to Pordenone
Sun., June 1 Pordenone to Treviso
Mon., June 2 Treviso to Padua via Venice
Tues., June 3 Padua
Weds., June 4 Padua to Rovigo
Thurs., June 5 Rovigo to Ferrara
Fri., June 6 Ferrara to Faenza
Sat., June 7 Faenza to Rimini
Sun., June 8 Rimini to Pesaro
Mon., June 9 Pesaro to Loreto
Tues., June 10 Loreto to Tolentino
Weds, June 11 Tolentino to Seravalle
Thurs., June 12 Seravalle to Spoleto
Fri., June 13 Spoleto to Terni
Sat., June 14 Terni to Civita Castellana
Sun., June 15 Civita Castellana to Monterotondo
Mon., June 16 Monterotondo to Zagarolo
Tues., June 17 Zagarolo to Velletri
Weds., June 18 Velletri to Priverno
Thurs, June 19 Priverno to Gaeta
Fri., June 20 Gaeta
Sat., June 21 Gaeta
Sun., June 22 Gaeta to Naples
Sun., June 22 – Sat. July 12 Naples
Sat., July 12 – Tues., Sept. 23 Ischia
Tues., Sept. 23 – Sat., Nov. 15 Portici/Naples
Sat., Nov. 15 Naples to Castiglione
Sun., Nov. 16 Castiglione to Priverno
Mon., Nov. 17 Priverno to Velletri
Tues., Nov. 18 Velletri to Rome
Tues., Nov. 18, 1738 – Weds., Oct. 14, 1739 Rome [April 20-23, Nettuno; May 4-10, Frascati; Sept. 22 Tivoli]
Thurs., Oct. 15 Rome to Soriano
Fri., Oct. 16 Soriano to Viterbo
Sat., Oct. 17 Viterbo to Radicofani
Sun., Oct. 18 Radicofani to Siena
Mon., Oct. 19 Siena
Tues., Oct. 20 Siena to San Romano
Weds., Oct. 21 San Romano to Livorno via Pisa
Thurs., Oct. 22 Livorno
Fri., Oct. 23 Livorno to Pisa
Sat., Oct. 24 Pisa
Sun., Oct. 25 Pisa to San Romano
Mon., Oct. 26 San Romano to Florence via Ambrogiana
Tues., Oct. 27 – Thurs., Nov. 12 Florence
Thurs., Nov. 12 Florence to S. Piero a Sieve
Fri., Nov. 13 S. Piero a Sieve to Firenzuola
Sat., Nov. 14 Firenzuola to Bologna via Pianoro
Sat., Nov. 14 – Sat., Nov. 21 Bologna
Sat., Nov. 21 Bologna to Modena
Sat., Nov. 21 – Weds., Nov. 25 Modena
Weds., Nov. 25 Modena to Parma
Weds., Nov. 25 – Sat., Nov. 28 Parma
Sat., Nov. 28 Parma to Piacenza
Sun., Nov. 29 Piacenza to Lodi
Mon., Nov. 30 Lodi to Milan
Mon., Dec. 1 – Sat., Dec. 12 Milan
Sat., Dec. 12 Milan to Cavernago
Sun., Dec. 13 Cavernago to Brescia
Mon., Dec. 14 Brescia to Desenzano
Tues., Dec. 15 Desenzano to Mantua
Weds., Dec. 16 Mantua
Thurs., Dec. 17 Mantua to Verona
Fri., Dec. 18 Verona
Sat., Dec. 19 Verona to Vicenza
Sun., Dec. 20 Vicenza to Padua
Mon., Dec. 21 Padua to Venice
Mon., Dec. 21, 1739 – Sat., June 11, 1740 Venice
Sun., June 12 Venice to Portogruaro
Mon., June 13 Portogruaro to Gorizia
Tues., June 14 Gorizia to Oberlaubach
Weds., June 15 Oberlaubach to Oberbourg
Thurs., June 16 Oberbourg
Fri., June 17 Oberbourg to Celje
Sat., June 18 Celje to Maribor
Sun., June 19 Maribor to Graz
Mon., June 20 Graz to Bruck
Tues., June 21 Bruck to Neustadt
Weds., June 22 Neustadt to Vienna
June 23-Aug. 31 Vienna
Aug. 31 Vienna to Pulkau
Sept. 1 Pulkau to Zlawing
Sept. 2 Zlawing to Tabor
Sept. 3 Tabor to Nesbeky
Sept. 4 Nesbecky to Prague
Sept. 5 Prague
Sept. 6 Prague to Aussig [Usti nad Labem]
Sept. 7 Aussig [Usti nad Labem] to Dresden
Map of the Post Roads from Dresden to Italy

Map of the Post Roads showing the main route from Dresden to Palmanova via present-day Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia, though the travelers bypassed Vienna on lesser roads to meet their grandmother, dowager Empress Wilhelmine Amalia, in St. Poelten.


Italian itinerary