London medical opinion

From London, Mr. Tappé (Dappé)’s medical opinion dated 1739, written in English:

“Having examin’d the particulars relating to the case of a person who is depriv’d of the use of his Legs, As the symptoms, contain’d in the first five Articles, which attended his infancy, have disappear’d without any visable return, and that the person had daily acquired a greater strength of constitution, it is needless to make any discertation on that subject

The main point, as I must believe by the 6th. Article, is that there is a contraction of the tendons in the Feet, and a relaxation in the upper Parts-

As to the first, I don’t doubt but I shall be able, not only to give Relief to the person, but even to restore him, in a short time, to the use of his Legs.

And with regards to the second point, concerning which, it is said that the person, when sitting bends his body forwards or sideways as I observe from the just proportion of his Limbs, that there is Little or no Emaciation, and that nature at the age the person is in, being dispos’d to want immediate and proper assistance, I hope, with the Help of God, if not intirely to cure the patient at least to support and strengthen the parts affected.

What I propose,

Shall be perform’d without giving the least pain or uneasiness to the patient but will rather enable him during the Operation to take Exercise and Diversions, as perhaps he never had before, and as shall be most beneficial to him, and agreeable to his Constitution.

G. Dappé

London June 14th 1739”