Notes about the inventory of the relics and reliquaries amassed by Friedrich Christian, some while abroad, also those of his parents, the document held by the Cathedral in Bautzen

Bautzen inventory of reliquaries

Bautzen inventory of reliquariesCaput Primum Sacrarum Reliquiarum Quar Serenissimus Friedericus Christianus, Princeps Poloniae et Elector Saxoniae Sibi Oblatas Coggegit (St. Peter’s Cathedral archive, Bautzen, Loc: 3711a, Abt. E, Gruppe: VIII.)

Number, description and Abgang, description/Defectur, the columns Abgang or Defectur used to note whether the item has an authentication.

Some of the descriptions note which cleric gave an authentication (Card. Belluga, Crispi of Ravenna, Cerrini, Annibali Albani, Archbishop of Milan, Card. Aquaviva, etc.)

A or B in margin indicates the cabinet where they are stored. Apparently each is noted with a cipher (FC, AR and MR) to indicate the collector.

 Friedrich Christian = Cap. I, has 331 entries but some, like 18, consist of 32 relics, the items apparently framed together.

1, lists relics presented to the prince by Cardinal Belluga

26, Ex ossibus S. Aloysii Gonzaga, Soc: Jesu […] Auth. Trojani S.R. E. Card. de Aquaviva, margin: “No: 26 in dem Chrisl. Schloss Capelle befindlich”

240 = the surviving reliquary of St. Peter MP-339

329, Cardinal St. Clement Albani

Caput Secundum Sacrarum Reliquiarum Qua Serenissimus Friedericus Augustus III […] runs from 332 to 1263, the entries separated accordingly:

Sectio I de S. S. Martyribus

Sectio II de S. S. Confessoribus

Sectio III de S.S. Virginibus et Vidius

Sectio IV. extra Ordinem

Caput Tertium Sacrarum Reliquiarum Quas Serenissima Maria Iosepha […]

numbered 1- but also continues count of FC + ARIII, ie. 1264- 1851

** 1744 – collective – Pro Mene Ianuario, Pro Mense Februario, etc. thru Decembri, running from 1- 377, followed by Supplementum, 378-437 **

continues 1745-1851, partly Supplementum

Sacra Corpora Quae Serenissimus Friedericus Christianus Princeps Poloniae et Elector Saxoniae sibi Oblata collegit

numbers 1748 (in pencil 1848) – 1757, then Sacra Corpora ARIII, 1758-1760, then MJ 1761-65.


De Devotionalibus, numbers I, II, III, – XXIV (presumably Friedrich Christian)

Pars II. Devotionalia quae Serenissimus Friedericus Augustus III, XXV-LV

Pars II. Devotionalia quae Serenissima Maria Iosepha, LVI-CXLI

Tabula Festorum Mobilium ae Immobilium Totius Anni Omnium Illorum Sanctorum Quorum Sacrae Relicquiae Dresdae in Sacelle Serenissimi Electoris Saxoniae asseruantur.

Festa Mobilia begins in 1764 so inventory must be ca. 1763

Ends with Abschrift from 1801. Most of the relics are lost.

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